the second tasting room of Kleiburg in Amsterdam Southeast. The place where you are able to enjoy our very own Kleiburg beers and Kleiburg coffee.


Kleiburg Pop-Up is the second tasting room of Kleiburg. Here you are able to enjoy our own Kleiburg beer and Kleiburg coffee. Our other tasting room is also located in Amsterdam Southeast, together with the Kleiburg brewery. You can find this location at Hullenbergweg 6, next to IKEA and near metro station Bullewijk.


Initially, Kleiburg started with the production of beer. Kleiburg Coffee is the second creation of the Kleiburg brand. It is only the beginning of the Kleiburg Ecosystem. Our goal? To develop an organisation that produces and sells only sustainable and honest products by working together with local partners.


Kleiburg Coffee is an unique blend of coffee beans from Peru and Tanzania. The beans are being imported by our partner 'Gosling Coffee'. Their goal is to improve the lives of coffee farmers and their families. They do this by visiting the coffee farmers themselves, by building up sustainable relationships and by paying a fair price for the coffee beans. For more information about Gosling Coffee: www.goslingcoffee.com

Kleiburg: a social enterprise

We are not just any organisation as we support the Kleimonastery in their social activities by donating part of our profits to them. So you are not just buying a beer or a coffee, but you are contributing to the improvement of the lives of people in need in Amsterdam. For more information about the Kleimonastery: wwww.kleiklooster.nl


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  • Monday's closed
  • Tue 08:00-16:00
  • Wed 08:00-16:00
  • Thu 08:00-16:00
  • Fri 08:00-16:00
  • Sa 09:00-16:00
  • Sundays closed


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Kleiburg: a social enterprise

In Kleiburg, an authentic flat in the Bijlmer, there is living a community of people: the Kleimonastery. This community of people believes that every society needs hospitable places where there is attention for each other. 

The Kleimonastery is such a place. Everyone is welcome for a cup of coffee, a warm meal, a chat or a moment of meditation in the little chapel. Also, there are rooms available for young moms with their children. It is a place for them to rest and feel safe. 

Kleiburg beer and Kleiburg coffee are created according to the values of the Kleimonastery: with care for environment and people.  Sharing a good glass of beer or a lovely cup of coffee in a warm environment gives people rest and attention for each other. With the sales of the beer and coffee in our restaurants and in the shops, we support the social activities of the Kleimonastery.

The start of an ecosystem

Kleiburg beer and Kleiburg coffee are the start of an ecosystem that currently Kleiburg is developing. The aim is to built up an organisation that produces local and fair products. Circulair entrepreneurship is a key concept for us. The goal is to create places where its main focus is ‘to have attention for people, products and environment’. This is exactly what monasteries are doing as well and what we would like to do.



Fair & Unique coffee

Kleiburg Coffee consists of a unique coffee blend of beans from Peru and Tanzania. The coffee beans are directly purchased from local farmers. This way, farmers receive a fair and better price for their coffee beans. Gosling Coffee, the organisation that is buying our coffee from the farmers is personally visiting the farmers. Their work is very transparant and honest. Their focus is to find quality coffee and to create fair chances for the coffee farmers. Creativity, building relations and delivering promises: those are the main ingredients to accomplish this goal.

For more info: www.goslingcoffee.com 


Working at Kleiburg is not just a job.. We want to contribute something to Amsterdam Southeast, we aim to create a more connected city and we love to inspire people. Just by doing what we love. Do you want to be part of this team?


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